“Don’t make me think.”—Steven Krug

WordPress-powered, mobile-friendly, and search engine optimized, the web sites we build right here in Cleveland, Ohio are custom, user-friendly, and of course, beautiful. And sometimes, award-winning.

But we’re not afraid to take on a “templated” approach, help you with a DIY project, or a maintain a legacy web site. Why? Because you have a business to run, and sometimes an upgrade “just has to wait.” We get that, and believe in guiding, crafting, and maintaining sensible, rightsized outcomes.

So whether building a website from the ground up or optimizing your SEO, our design process ensures your website is performing for you and your business. Browse our responsive web development portfolio for architects, designers, and law firms.


GPI Design

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, GPI Design designs, engineers, and installs backlit translucent onyx, wood, glass, and resin surfaces for corporate and hospitality clients worldwide.

GPI approached Codesign with a simple brief showcase their body of work, creative process, and the design team with clarity and sophistication. In collaboration with UK WordPress developer Tom Hirst, we developed a responsive front-end from start to finish, utilizing Advanced Custom Fields to create an easy-to-use WordPress back end as the site’s content management solution.

In 2016, gpidesign.com was recognized by OHTec as the “best of tech” website.

Visit gpidesign.com


Peninsula Architects

Based in Akron, Ohio, Peninsula Architects creates sustainable, timeless design integrated into the natural setting.

Also in collaboration with UK WordPress developer Tom Hirst, we built a custom, responsive WordPress website, ensuring that the back end was intuitive and easy to use for a hands-on client who co-developed a unique project location map.

Visit pa-architects.com


K2M Design

Based in Cleveland, Ohio with offices across the US, K2M Design is a high growth, entrepreneurial design firm specializing in architecture, engineering, interior design, capital asset management, and various specialty consulting services.

In contrast to the usual labyrinthine architecture firm website, our responsive solution focused on a clear presentation of K2M’s ultimate differentiators – its people and projects. Continuing our work with UK WordPress developer Tom Hirst, we provided a clean, a mobile first front-end, and custom WordPress back end. A repeat client, we launched a sister site, k2mfacilty.com, in 2017.

Visit k2mdesign.com