“What is SEO?” Well, search engine optimization is not magic or even alchemy. And every SEO agency worth its salt knows the truth: it’s work.

Tedious, exacting work not for the faint of heart, as a matter of fact. Then just when you think you’re done, it’s time to do it all over again, because Google.

That’s because their search algorithm doesn’t sit still, and neither do your competitors. You can count on that.

So while you’re knee deep in laying out floor plans, preparing for Sunday’s sermon or writing the next great American novel, let this SEO company focus on improving your search results.

In a nutshell, here’s how we make sure that happens:

SEO Audit

There are any number of reasons your site isn’t attracting visits: a low page score, missing or poorly worded copy, no backlinks, thin content…the list is endless. That’s why we identify, document and prioritize what is lacking so that impressions become the clicks, that become the conversions, that become customers, that become invoices, that become…holiday bonuses!

Competitive SEO Analysis

Your arch enemy is on page one and you aren’t. Why is that? Brace yourself: they might be working harder than you, spending more money, or both. It’s usually both. But it’s no secret. However tedious it is to uncover and document, everything they are doing is “in the public domain”. We do the hard work of sifting through the noise in search results to understand what is relevant to creating a competitive edge.

Keyword Research

What makes you think people are even searching for the keywords on that list you have there? We use a variety of SEO tools, have the know-how and implement the processes to eliminate the guesswork when it comes to being found in search results.

Backlink Generation

Think of a backlink as a vote, and not the hanging chad kind. No, to move higher in search results, you want high-quality, earned “votes” from reputable websites. “Earned” and “reputable” being the operative words: it takes competitive analysis (who links to them?), not a little content creation, judgement calls and lots of follow-up. It’s all very time-consuming and a great way to work in your business and not on it, so let us be your campaign manager.

Platform Synergy

Not all social media is appropriate for every company. Architect? Instagram can be your second portfolio or can provide insight into your firm’s culture and thought leadership. Law firm? Potential clients want to meet the team and kick the tires. Try anticipating their questions by providing answers in one or two-minute videos and skip posting stuff with a half-life measured in yoctoseconds.

On- and Off-Page Optimization

Improve appearance in search by ensuring your website is properly tagged and labeled: for Google to index it and for people to read it.

Read what clients are saying about our SEO services.

“Codesign’s unique aesthetic and organizational talent is matched by a keen understanding of search engine optimization. In fact, after conducting the proper research and defining a sound SEO strategy, they authored and maintain on-page SEO elements that place my site on the first page of search results for an array of geo-targeted keywords. I recommend this SEO company without reservation.”

Scott Pease
Architectural Photographer
Aurora, Ohio

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