Identity Design

We know how to swing form, type, and color pretty hard in these hallowed halls. If fact, visualizing brands is a space we love to play in.

We’ve also named everything from solo shops to publicly-traded companies with a national footprint, then slapped it (in a good way!) on everything from business cards and letterheads, to social media accounts and billboards.

We develop and design identity systems that reflect your brand. And we create identity guidelines essential to presenting a consistent message.

Logo, letterhead, and envelope design for a law firm.
Logo, letterhead, envelope, and envelope clasp design for a law firm.
Two-sided business card design, detail.
Logo and letterhead design for an actuary.
Logo, letterhead, and envelope design for a church.
Logo, letterhead, and envelope design for a residential development.
Two-sided business card design for an architect.

We design each logo to be unique. And the solutions we devise are a typographic and geometric means of communicating to employees, stakeholders, and customers the essence your reputation, services, and products.

Once a logo is developed, we stress the importance of translating it across print and digital media by publishing clear brand guidelines for our clients and their vendors.

Browse select logos we’ve designed for law firms, architects, churches, and other groups.

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