It’s indisputable: there’s massive SEO value to having an accurate LinkedIn Company Profile, so you’ll want to keep yours updated. Thing is, LinkedIn’s specs change as often as the US tax code, with just as many pitfalls. That’s where Codesign steps in – to keep you out of marketing jail. And because we don’t just solve it for one client and hoard it until the next wheel squeaks, we share our knowledge base. So…

Let’s get started!

The good news is almost all settings from your existing Profile – contact info, admin(s), company description, etc. – transfer to LinkedIn’s new format. The one exception we’ve found is with images, so refer to a handy cheatsheet on LinkedIn and our patented four-step plan to update your background photo – the first thing visitors see when they land on your Profile:

  1. Top bar, click Me, then under Manage click your Company Page.
  2. Now, on Company Profile (why “Profile” here and “Page” previously is a mystery to us) but whatev, just click Overview.
  3. Now here’s where it really gets juicy. Click Update background photoUpload photo, then upload a JPEG or PNG that measures 1536 pixels by 768 pixels. You can reposition the photo, and abstract ones look best since the aspect ratio is so biased toward the horizontal dimension.
  4. Click Publish.

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If all this talk of JPEGs and PNGs and pixels makes you itchy, or if you have more pressing matters like running your business, just give us a holla and we’ll fix you up.

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